Welcome to Brian T. Grant's Home Page

[My photo lifted from my 2000 driver's license.]

Well, here you are at my home page. I am only just beginning to carve out my little corner of the Internet and this is where it starts. You won't find too much here now, but hopefully that will change pretty soon. That said, what is/will be here has been/will be written in HTML by my very own, two hands. Truly amazing.

If something here piques your interest, or if you wandered in here unexpectedly -- especially if you wandered in here unexpectedly -- e-mail me at brianATskeletonjackDOTnet and let me know what you think.

There is more to come. In the mean time, please enjoy this picture of me buried up to my neck at beach in Albania. I found the helmet that I'm wearing while diving in the water off that beach on that same day. This, too, is amazing...

Brian buried to his neck in Albanian beach.